Scamming Seniors for political purposes



In October, 2014,  after learning that Village officials had been working to secure other providers for senior programs, North Shore Senior Center notified the Village that it would not renew the agreement for 2015.  At that time, the Village stated they were “surprised” by the announcement. But now, the story has changed.

In the Winter Edition 2014 of The Exchange newsletter, the Village stated that “earlier in the year” they began searching for alternatives for senior programs, such as the Park District or other “third party providers.” Village president DiMaria also writes that the Village will “expand and enhance” senior programs with those other providers. The new senior program calendar offered by the Village was printed in The Exchange.

This calendar is a day-by-day, to-the-minute exact duplication of North Shore Senior Center’s program calendar. They even used the same program names of NSSC’s programs. Nothing was “expanded and enhanced.” Instead, the same schedule and same class names are used for something else with different instructors, now run by the Village.

Apparently, the best the Village can do seems to be to try to duplicate exactly what NSSC offered before. The Village apparently believes that what NSSC offered is what people want. So then why all the upheaval, turmoil for seniors, and mistreatment of a good organization that ultimately chased them away?

With the Village staffing and paying for those programs, it will cost us taxpayers more money, and it will not match NSSC’s quality. Where we once had a nationally respected senior organization provide high quality programs at no direct cost to the Village, we now have smoke and mirrors at the Village’s expense. Their “big efforts” amount to nothing, and at the expense of our residents, especially our seniors.

I smell a rat… maybe two!

2 rats



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