Transparency dies in darkness

On December 15, 2014 Morton Grove News ran an editorial about the administration’s desire to contract with yet another consultant regarding the proposed new police station and a possible new village hall.

Yesterday, Morton Grove News received the following comment on that editorial:

  1. G. Resident says:
    January 14, 2015 at 8:08 am

I was sitting in the former Police Chief’s office discussing the new Police Station when “Mayor” DiMaria called and told him to stop all work with the consultants who were preparing an outline of requirements for the architectural quote. The new Police Station was pretty far down the pike with property being researched, vetted, consultant studies performed on the locations’ viability, land purchased, funding arrangements made with minions at the County and State level and even two other Police agencies (METRA and Cook County Forest Preserve District) had expressed interest in “renting” space inside the new facility for their officers to use.

No explanation was given at the time why to cease and desist. The former Police Chief did a lot of work on his own to make things happen because of the constant foot dragging of the Mayor, Corporation Counsel and Village Administrator.

The taxpayers need to know that if this call was not made when it was there would probably have been a ribbon cutting ceremony taking place next month at the new Police Station on Lehigh. Many of us believe that the decision to stop work on the new Police station was a contributing factor in the former Chief’s decision to retire.”

This new information motivates us to ask the following questions:

  1. If all of this work was already done, why would the administration hire yet another consultant to redo work that had already been done and paid for out of tax dollars?
  2. Does a Village President have the sole power to stop an ongoing project without the input of the village board and without an opportunity for public input?
  3. Since the village has already purchased this piece of property, why is there a buzz going around that the administration has a plan to locate the new “cop shop” and a new village hall at the rear of Prairie View Plaza?
  4. Is that desire part of the plan for the discussion when the Canadian owners of Prairie View come to Morton Grove on Thursday 1-15-2015?
  5. Why isn’t the village board doing what is necessary to curb the overreach of power by the village president?

It seems as though we have a situation where some of our politicians like to do things in the dark and out of sight of the residents. Cockroaches and rats like to operate in the dark and scatter when the light is shined on the situation…


Let us shine a bright light here for the good of Morton Grove… we’re likely to see the cockroaches & rats scatter.

2 rats


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