I would never lie to you!


SOURCE: http://mortongrove.chicagotribune.com/2015/01/12/prairie-view-plaza-owners-coming-morton-grove-village-pushing-grocery-national-retailers/

On January 12, 2015 there was an article in the Morton Grove Champion reporting that the owners of Prairie View shopping Center were coming in from Canada to meet with Village President DiMaria on January 15th. “It’s a good spot for a grocery store that complements the surrounding area, and we need a good $20-a-plate outlet restaurant, such as Carraba’s*,” DiMaria said.

DiMaria announced the owners’ visit Jan. 8 at a public meeting called to have consultant John Houseal present the findings of the village’s strategic plan. His comments came in response to a citizen who asked at the meeting what had happened after reports last May announced a Meijer grocery store might fill the space Dominick’s vacated. Nothing has materialized yet.

“What Happened”?

Just like all of the announcements from Dan DiMaria, nothing has materialized yet.

Just more talk and  more promises as his term as Village president wanes down.   The Village President always seems to tout how things are going to happen and then Nothing has materialized.

If anything good came of the meeting the Mayor certainly would have been posting it on all of the Village light post with his picture on top saying “I Dan DiMaria Did this!”


Two years in his term and what is there to show for it?

More people working at Village than ever before trying to make thing happen or just to promote DiMaria .

Maybe we need more studies more consultants!

Political Boss DiMaria has hired more in the past  two years than all the past Mayors combined.   

We need results not big announcements and then silence.  It is really just All  talk  Mr.DiMaria.

Is this why you and party boss Grear dropped Maria Thoth & Shel Marcus from the ticket? Because they started to ask questions.

Morton Grove deserves leadership, not political boss control.

one party rule


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