A leopard cannot change its’ spots


It has been said that a leopard cannot change its’ spots nor can a person change their basic character.

The current political situation in Morton Grove makes it imperative that we remember some of what our current politicians have done in the past and take a close look at what they are doing right now.

In 2005 the current village President wanted to run in a primary election. To do so required a certain amount of signatures collected in a certain way. It was suspected that Mr. DiMaria did not follow the law and his petitions for candidacy were challenged, (see Cook County Board of Elections decision 05 CEOB TC 05 Niles Decision-DiMaria 05COEB TC 05 )  As a result of this challenge Mr. DiMaria was removed from the primary election ballot…

05 CEOB TC 05 DiMaria Decision

Why is what happened in a ten year old election board decision important? Because a leopard cannot change its’ spots and now Mr. DiMaria is one of the political bosses involved in the current election cycle. Tactics are being used that seem to indicate that, indeed, things are “business as usual” regardless of ethical considerations.

For example, Mr. DiMaria was a circulator and signator on petitions for the current Action Party candidates. How can we be sure that he followed the rules in this case when he admitted that he did not follow them in his own election ten years ago? A leopard cannot change its’ spots nor can a person change their basic character.

Political signs are showing up on the fences of construction sites and on properties that are currently vacant or in foreclosure…

AP Signs on construction001     APSigns construction sites 003

Action signs- Menard-South Park 2015 006   Action signs Mango-SouthPark 007

The question here needs to be asked, with Action Party signs plastered all over several construction sites in Morton Grove, what are the chances of code enforcement  or work stoppage on these projects, even in the case of egregious violations?

There have been reports of village staff, (paid out of tax dollars), questioning the placement of opposition signs on private property. Since when is it legal, (let alone ethical), to use village staff employees as political enforcers on the taxpayers dime? Shades of Chicago-style machine politics. Is it ethical or legal behavior on the part of political bosses Grear and DiMaria? A leopard cannot change its’ spots nor can a person change their basic character.

In a previous editorial, we pointed out a troubling juxtaposition between political donations and businesses doing business with the village,(See “Ethics, we don’t need no stinking ethics in Morton Grove News”). There is an ethics ordinance in the village that prohibits political donations from businesses doing a certain dollar volume with Morton Grove, yet the ordinance is notable only in its’ lack of observance. Groot, (the exclusive residential garbage collection folks for Morton Grove) for example was a sponsor for the Action Party golf outing, and yet sitting trustee and party boss Grear accepted the check with the apparent consent of party boss DiMaria. More Chicago-style “pay-for-play” politics. A leopard cannot change its’ spots, nor can a person change their basic character!

Grandiose public relations announcements; the appearance of business shakedowns; squandering of public funds on “consultants” instead of a solid financial strategy; retread political cronies slated for public office in place of independent public servants; elected officials up to their ears in Chicago-style machine politics… this is what passes for leadership in Morton Grove today.

Morton Grovers, you deserve better.

one party rule


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