Pie in the sky, (Pizza or otherwise)

4 and 20 blackbridsSing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye, four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.






Illinois has a long-held tradition of political pay to play. It has been said that our governors serve two terms… one in the State house and one in the Big house. And it’s not just our governors… but other politicians in lesser offices have continued this hallowed Illinois tradition of exchanging campaign cash for political favors.

Morton Grove seems to have it’s very own version of the Illinois pay-to-play dance. pay-to-play

A very, very cozy relationship exists between Mayor Dan DiMaria; Trustee Grear &  Ted,  the owner of Giordano’s Pizza.

TeDiMariaCommittee List Printable_Page_1d generously donated to DiMaria’s campaign, (see attached file, DiMaria Committee List Printable) when DiMaria was running for mayor.

Shortly after DiMaria became Mayor, the deal to build a new Pequods pizza restaurant near the train station was canceled by the village.
I guess Dan didn’t want his buddy Ted to have too much competition in the Pizza business.

The friendship and deals go back further. It was Dan DiMaria who prompted Ted to buy the property On Dempster Street next to the train tracks  to build a Tilted  Kilt restaurant. DiMaria pushed hard to bring in a swinging place with girls dressed to please the men .

But like most of the big deals Dan DiMaria talks about, it’s just talk. So he bailed out his buddy by having the village foot the bill for his pipe dream.

When you pay 1.5 million dollars for half the property located in a prime TIF district that the seller just bought for 1.2 Million dollars, ( giving him a $300.000 payday…) and him still holding a portion of the property it gives you a lot of clout.   Dan DiMaria had his inaugural party at Teds restaurant Giordano’s and the Village picked up the tab for over $500.00!

Weren’t you invited?  Pizza-Pie-In-The-Sky-300x244

Apparently, this also gives the Action Party the right to pollute the corner of Austin & Dempster and Giordano’s restaurant  with political signs.

geordono's action party signs 001  geordono's action party signs 004  So , in Morton Grove  everywhere you look,  you will see Action Party signs where somebody is beholden to Dan DiMaria or Bill Grear and breaking the village ethics code and  sign code.

geordono's action party signs 003  geordono's action party signs 002

They have signs everywhere.


Sign Pollution big time in front of  empty lots, abandoned houses, most construction sites.  Action signs Mango-SouthPark 007

Will they be up until April 7th?  That would mean almost three full months of politics!





It is apparent that nobody in the administration has a concern over it, but there is an ethics ordinance in Morton Grove

1-8-13: Code of Ethical Conduct…
B. Independent Judgment: My official Action shall be independent, impartial, and fair and shall be based on merit and substance of each case. I will use my office for the public good and not for my political or personal gain.

1-8-12: Code of Ethics;
Prohibited Political Activity;
1. Preparing for, organizing, or participating in any political meeting, political rally, political demonstration, or other political event
(Just a quick reminder, both Trustee Grear and Village Attorney Liston are officials of the Action Party)

Prohibitive Source:
.1. I seeking official action by an official or by an employee, or by the official or another employee directing that employee;

Having political signs is a violation  because   Giordano’s has a liquor license and has to be inspected by the village health dept.
Ted profited by selling land to the village while giving Mayor Dan DiMaria and the Action Party donations.

D. Prohibition of Political Contributions;
1. Any person or business entity whose contact(s), with the Village of Morton Grove is in aggregate annually more than twenty thousand dollars shall be prohibited any contributions.
A $1.5 million dollar contract to buy land with a $300,000 profit should be prohibited, (or at the very least investigated).

Enjoy the signs Morton Grove  You Paid For Them.  Putrid_Pizza_Artwork


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