The senior center is a mess!

scamming seniors

After months of hearing from Village President DiMaria, and Trustees Grear and Witko that the Village would offer “improved, expanded, and exciting” programs, it offers nothing but confusion, chaos, and cancelled classes.

sad-unhappy face

After chasing away a top quality organization, the best the Village has been able to do to “expand and improve” programs, as D. DiMaria promised, is to copy exactly North Shore Senior Center’s schedule. The Village even took the names of NSSC’s programs, like Better Balance. Nothing was “expanded and enhanced,” just copied and messed up.

The Village President said in his October 27 letter to seniors that he had “engaged new partnerships with the Park District, Library, and other organizations” to provide senior programs. The Park District hired a new staff member last fall to run the senior programs at the Civic Center, but that apparently didn’t happen.

angry-senior lady



As for “other organizations,” Mather LifeWays just moved in to the offices at the Civic Center. They do only one luncheon a month for seniors at the Civic Center in return for that free office space.

What qualified personnel is actually running the programs at the Civic Center? The Fire Chief, as well as a finance department staff, are running the senior programs.

firehouse play center

How is the Fire Chief qualified to run senior programs, and, more importantly, who is running the fire department???

Remember, we pay for this staff through our property taxes.

Angry Old People

We deserve better, the sad thing is – we had better. This is not ”Moving Morton Grove Forward.” It’s backward!


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