Promise a gold mine then give them the shaft!

In early 2013, then candidate DiMaria sent out the following letter:

DiMaria mayoral letterDiMaria Mayor letter <—click this link to see a clearer copy

How quickly politicians forget the promises they make when they want your vote.

“ to set clear goals, and establish a plan to achieve those goals’  is what DiMaria promised!    Now he is issuing a 10 million dollar bond with no plan… after spending $50,000 for a master plan and another $50,000 to implement the master plan.

Does aboris-natashanyone know what the plan is? Sounds like the old Boris & Natasha  characters from Rocky & Bullwinkle;

“You got plan Boris? I always got plan Natasha! They never work, but I got plan!”

Outsourcing of senior programs  DiMaria voted for them and they cost the village nothing he  now successfully chased away, now we have total chaos and major expense to the tax payers.

 “I would have held town hall meetings so residents could get all of the available information, have their question answered , and expressed their views before any action was taken”

Did weMG Dominicks miss the town hall meeting talking about the 10 million dollar bond and what it will be used for?
Did we miss the meeting informing us about what is happening with the Dempster & Waukegan shopping center, (like where is the major food store that he touted)?  Did we miss the meeting on what is being done about the skyrocketing water bills? (Wasn’t there supposed to be some arrangement with Evanston? How is that going?


There was one town hall meeting about guns and we were all told the village had no position on the issue… only to have a new ordinance released at 8:30 am the very next morning . I guess the whole Village Board and staff worked all night on it… or maybe it was an accomplished fact from the start and the meeting was just so much window dressing.

 “ I will support bringing new business to Morton Grove unless a proposed business would hurt property values or negatively impact our neighborhoods”

This the best promise of them all. DiMaria wanted to bring Tilted Kilt right in front of a new housing development, without even talking to them first!

All Inn   Title Max

How about all of the Video Poker Parlors around town? I am sure that won’t hurt the image of our town…. or the Auto Title Loan shark business on Dempster street  where the suckers can go to get the money to stuff into the video poker machines.

Good old Chicago-style boss politics are alive and well under Mr. DiMaria. Cleaning house of everyone who doesn’t kow-tow to you is certainly, how did you say it? A way to “to find common ground”.

And then, there is your statement of “Sharing the credit”.   Your name and only your name is on everything.

The village of Morton Grove has never had a bigger self promoter in its history.  You are a true P.T. Barnum  of a politician…  all show and no go,…all hat and no cattle… all promise and no performance

Yes Mr. DiMaria, you say “I have a very different Style“. Unfortunately, style may be all you have. There surely has been no substance what-so-ever!

In this upcoming election you will not find Mr. DiMarias’ name on the ballot, but make no mistake, this election is a referendum on the type of leadership, (or lack thereof), that we have had for the past two years. It is a question of whether or not we want Morton Grove to revert to it’s history as a wide open, anything goes home of gambling and debauchery as it was in its’ heyday during Prohibition or do we want to return to the reputation of one of the best places in the United States to raise a family?

That is the choice you will make in the upcoming election…choose wisely.


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