Don’t cross the boss!

DD puppet master

A  political flyer recently came into my mailbox. It was from the candidates running for the incumbent party in the primary election next week. It was an interesting, (to say the least), piece of writing where the  “endorsed” folks from the Action Party were making their pitch to the voters of Morton Grove.

In the “cover letter” they make the statement; “We are proud to have received the endorsement of the Action Party and Mayor DiMaria…” 2-17-15 quote

They later go on to say that they…”share the Mayors’ vision to move Morton Grove forward.” It tends to make you wonder if they’ve been living under a rock for the past two years!

In the accompanying flyer, they tell us that their vision includes: ” Maintain excellent services…” Do they mean like the excellent services that were provided at the senior center before this administration dismantled them? They claim to want to “improve streets”. Is that why this administration has squandered our hard-earned tax dollars on consultants while not budgeting for infrastructure improvements like street paving? They’re for “addressing flooding issues”… Can anyone tell me what this administration has done about flooding in the past two years?, (I think I hear crickets.) A promise to “keep property taxes low” is on their flyer. Really??? Then perhaps the incumbents can explain the increase in the levy in the last budget and maybe we can get an explanation from candidate Minx regarding the 28% increase she voted for while in office before. They claim to want to “reduce water rates”… If that was anything besides political hogwash, why hasn’t there been any movement toward reaching an agreement with Evanston to provide our water. At the current rate of increases that Chicago has promised our water bill will double within a few years. Finally, they want to “attract new stores & businesses”… Now there is the biggest whopper of them all! New businesses?

Do they mean like video poker palaces? All Inn  or maybe title loan (sharks)? Title Max  or maybe their still waiting to tell us about some big deal that has been worked out to bring a major retailer to Prairie View Shopping Center. After all, the mayor had this big meeting with the Canadian owners a few weeks ago… why haven’t we heard anything about that? MG Dominicks

One thing they have brought to our town are plenty of political signs… signs on foreclosed houses that sport red “violation” tags or notices of water shut off. Action sign-foreclosure house … signs plastered all over construction sites Action sign - construction I guess when you are the political boss in town, you can just get all those addresses to where to put the signs from the Village computer data base… might be an ethics violation, but who is gonna stop them? The village reminds me of a song from the 1970’s; “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. Blocking out the scenery and blowing my mind…

the_godfather_gold_puppet_strings What seems to matter, at least to the crew currently in charge, is keeping the political bosses happy. Follow the party line… let the “mayor” take credit for everything, don’t ask questions and, like they used to say in Mayor Daley’s Chicago; “Go along to get along”.

There was one truth in their mailing. It was in the last line of the letter; “Your vote will make a difference.”

On Tuesday, Feb 24th, ask yourself this one question; “Is Morton Grove a better place to live now than it was two years ago?” Your answer should determine your vote…VOTE WISELY!


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