A Fish Rots From The Head

You may have heard the expression that a fish rots from the head down. smelly-fish The top leader’s job is to create the right internal climate for the organization. Organizational climate embodies the intangible feelings your people have about your organization.

You can’t directly control the attitudes of everyone under you. But if you accept the fact that you are responsible, regardless, then you can focus on creating a desirable climate.

Too many leaders abdicate their responsibility for morale within their organization. Dan DiMaria probably didn’t grow up wanting to be a therapist, yet he controls much of the psychological climate within our village.   toxicGood morale is contagious. Bad morale spreads even faster!

Beatings will continue


Mr. DiMaria doesn’t seem to understand it’s not appropriate to yell and intimidate.    Bad manager01  You need to work with your people in an atmosphere of respect. Your job is to support them in doing their jobs, which ultimately serves the residents of Morton Grove .

Within 6 months of Mr. DiMaria taking office,several Police officers either quit, were let go, or  retired.
Is it possible that had some bearing on  police moral and had the unintended consequence of increasing the pension debt?

Mr. DiMaria recents stated that the new chief has “fixed” the police department.   Paul-BlartDoes that mean that previously the department was broken? Does that attitude show support to the cops on the street who risk their lives every day? How many more good officers will this apparent lack of support drive from the department?

Jim Quinn, a former member of the Fire Pension Board, ( a banker for 40 years who had great insight into the pension problem), spoke out  at budget meetings on the pension issue and that it needed more funding. Mr. DiMarias’ response was to remove Mr. Quinn from the pension board, (perhaps for a more pliable member?).  panic dollar

So, instead of taking steps to put Morton Groves’ financial house in order,any extra funding or new revenue has gone only into DiMaria’s pet projects.


Whether they realize it or not, taxpayers in Morton Grove have a lot of experience with the impact of rising pension costs. Taxpayers contributed $1.4 million to the police pension fund and $1.6 million to the fire fund in 2009. Morton Grove taxpayer contributions have further grown by 9 percent since 2009.


Increasing pension payments will continue to strain the Morton Grove budget and its taxpayers. Taxpayers will have to contribute approximately $5 into the police and fire pension systems each year for every dollar police and fire employees contribute.

Being a Wall Street gunslinger for many years, DiMaria should have seen this coming.

He DOES insist that he has a plan, but DiMaria doesn’t plan for anything he only talks about HIS PLANS.
The unfortunate truth is plan’s only inhibit  Mayor DiMaria from shooting from the hip and when he does, he usually shoots himself, (and the village), in the foot.

shooting yourself in the foot


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