It’s Good To Be The King

RARELY have elected officials been held in lower esteem by the voting public than they are now.
There is a growing public perception that our village officials are single-minded seekers of reelection whose desire for job security far exceeds their desire or ability to fulfill the public duties with which they are entrusted.

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Elections are supposed to allow voters to “throw the rascals out”.  So, you would expect corruption to have a strong effect on the electoral performance of the politicians involved in them. However, recent studies show that electoral retribution to dishonest behavior in office is rather mild and that it does not always prevent slippery individuals from being reelected.

Unfortunately, a pattern of old Chicago-stlye politics have emerged in Morton Grove that would make the late Boss Richard J. Daley proud. ap100908063611

For example, after the last village election for mayor a victory party was held at, (the now defunct) Giordanos. tab for this party was paid out of village coffers. Is it possible that this was one small way that the party repaid the owner of that establishment for his political and financial support? Small potatoes compared to the real estate deal brokered by the political insiders that netted the same restaurant owner a tidy six-figure profit on a real estate deal for the old Maxwell’s property. 

But, it’s just politics…right?

When your party is in control of the public purse strings, it makes political campaigning and political events disguised as governmental communications easier to pay for.<—-MORTON GROVE TAXPAYER

I wonder just how much it cost to produce and mail that nice four-color postcard announcing a “Town Hall Forum” at the condo association?  

MG-Postcard-Mtg face


(By the way, Mr. DiMaria, the word “Village” is spelled with two L’s!)

I’m sure it is just a coincidence that this was scheduled within two weeks of the upcoming election… just as it is surely a coincidence that it is being held with a group that represents a large voting block. No shenanigans here… nothing to see… move along.

Most likely, one of the topics of this “town hall meeting” will be to elaborate on the new mid-rise condo deal in the Waukegan TIF district that was announced this week. Does it make sense to build luxury condos across from the nearly defunct Prairieview shopping Center, (you remember, the place that the Mayor was touting for a new grocery store to replace the Dominicks’ that fled)?

You have to wonder who is making money off this deal? Since when is there an overwhelming market for upscale condo apartments adjacent to the third busiest intersection in Cook County.It would almost be worth going to this meeting to see how many time various politicians tell us this will revitalize business in this area.

 photo steppin_in_it.jpg

The smell of fertilizer is strong here.

This administration has thrown money around as if it grew on the trees in St. Paul Woods. That’s unfortunate, because it’s your money… it comes out of your taxes… the taxes that seem to keep rising.

Maybe it’s time for the voters of Morton Grove to stop listening to the flim-flam man and take a look at the little man behind the curtain.

 DiMaria behind the curtain He ain’t the Great and Powerful OZ.


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