With only 6 days before the bell rings and the gate is lifted for the four horses running in this year’s Morton Grove stakes, the Morton Grove News handicaps the entrants and our opinion on the probable outcome.

Daily racing form


In gate position number one is John Thill. He is still carrying water for the New Action Party even after the Party dumped his pals Maria Toth & Shel Marcus. Some day he might figure out that the New Action Party is not about the Village anymore it’s about Dan DiMaria. Even though he has the extra baggage of the Village President and The New Action Party, he will be running hard. Expect him to finish in the money. jockey-Thill


In gate position number two is Rita Minx. This is her fourth time at the gate. She claims she is running again to complete the ten year plans the Caucus Party had for the Village back in 2005.

In the 2005 race her literature claimed she had a better plan but, nobody has ever seen it.

 Now, once again, in 2015 she says she has another plan… follow Village President DiMaria’s Plan. The only problem is, nobody has seen this plan either.

 Back in 2005 she saddled up with a plan not to pay the village’s pension obligation… supposedly to save the tax payer’s money. Unfortunately, that’s one of the reasons the village’s bond rating went down.

She did vote to kill the OTB for Morton Grove and hand it, gift wrapped to Niles. This cost Morton Grove tax payers over eight million dollars in unencumbered revenue over the past ten years.

She has repented now though. She fully backs the expansion of video poker parlors throughout Morton Grove.

We don’t see her getting a lot of traction from the gate and fading fast because of her support of the 28 % real-estate tax hike she voted for the last time she ran at the stakes. Don’t bet the rent money on this horse. Minx  jockey cartoon


In gate position number three is Janine Witko. This is her first time in the Morton Grove Stakes and she appears nervous at the gate. Never being in a race for all the marbles has put her on edge.

 She trailed the rest of her stable in the qualifying race which surprised everyone being she had no baggage of her own to carry, only the Village President’s.

 She has been groomed by Mr. DiMaria from the start when she was appointed trustee two years ago.

Witko has carried a lot of water for DiMaria over the past two years, but now that she has a race of her own DiMaria seems to be back at the Club House.

 She lacks a track record of her own. What has she done?

Her one claim to fame was on the Planning Board where she helped kill a karaoke Bar that wanted to open on Waukegan Rd. Her claim was that was too close to a school more than 1000 feet away. However, there was a bar less than 500 feet across the street and a full liquor store 400 feet closer to the school than the karaoke Bar would have been.   No problem now, she backs Mr. DiMaria in bringing in more Video Poker Bars. She can only run as fast as her mentor will allow, and he doesn’t seem to be engaged in this race, so don’t bet on this horse either. small_pony Witko


In gate position number four is Mark Albers. This too is his first time at the Morton Grove Stakes and he is skittish in the gate.

 Picking up where Toth & Marcus left off, he is left with a muddy track. He seems to understand that his only chance to win is to find his own groove, the INDEPENDENT groove, where none of the other horses can run… but, by the time Albers found his groove the New Action Party jumped in behind him.

 Fortunately this is a two lap race ( twice around the track) with the New Action party working the independent Groove they have paved the way for Mark Albers to find smooth track to run on.

 With the Action Party touting their “Independent Thinkers” theme, and placing his literature on their Facebook page, it only helps Albers in the Voting booth.


He is the only candidate listed as an independent… all others are posted as Action party. Double down on your bet to win, place, or show with this horse.

When you vote, vote for number four and no more.

Daily racing form FRONTPAGE


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