We Always Lie To The Voters

Sooner or later, within the next couple of days, some idiot, speaking of the election on April 7th will say; “The people have spoken.” people have spoken In Morton Grove, at least, that is a bit far from the truth. In a village of 14,873 registered voters only 2,381 found the time to participate in choosing who will run the town for the next 4 years. What is even more astounding is that the difference between the third place candidate who was elected and the fourth place candidate who was not, was the astronomical number of 315 votes. Since there are 16 precincts in Morton Grove that comes out to just under 20 votes, (average), per precinct. If you chose not to vote on April 7th., 20 folks in your neighborhood decided who was going to control your tax bill, who was going to determine how much you will pay for water and whether or not your street will be repaired. 30994-screwed There have been many theories put forth on why people refuse to participate in elections. Some say it is because people aren’t interested as long as the garbage is picked up and the snow is cleared in the winter time. Some have voiced the opinion that folks feel that their vote doesn’t make any difference, so why bother? They believe that elections are about Hope and no change – Going to the voting booth only changes the players… not the game. Every single election cycle people fill themselves with hope. They delude themselves into believing that everything will get better if they vote the right guy into office. Of course, the right guy very quickly turns into the last guy. And nothing changes.   There’s a trend in politicians that I have always found repulsive, and that’s the idea that they are akin to modern royalty — that they are elected and given free reign to do whatever they want, and they aren’t responsible for carrying out the wishes of their electorate. That the voters who elected them are too stupid for their own good, and need someone to make the important decisions for them. This can be seen in the imperial attitude of Morton Grove’s current administration.   The KING   The entire point of an election is to identify a candidate who supports your beliefs and will be an advocate for your opinions in government. In order to make that possible, candidates put themselves in the spotlight and make their positions known on everything from  gun rights to whether they want to spend money fixing the pothole on your street. The system only works so long as the candidates truthfully describe their own beliefs, and detail what they will do once in office. The current administration lies about each other, they lie about themselves, they lie about issues they know intimately, and they lie about issues they barely understand. political party lies If an Action Party politician met you, he’d tell you a lie within 15 seconds of shaking your hand, and if he knew he were going to meet your mother, he’d invent a special set of lies for her. Politicians lie not because they’re wicked – though some are – but because they’ve learned that political markets rarely reward honest campaigners. The political market spoke many years ago and continued to speak on Tuesday: Telling the truth is not great for winning political campaigns –  if it were, more people would be doing it. Still… remember if just 20 more people came out and voted in each precinct in Tuesday’s election the outcome, could have been very different. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Land_Of_Make_Believe


One thought on “We Always Lie To The Voters

  1. With Di Maria and company controlling the village publications and the newspapers Bugle and Champion only printing token pieces about the importance of this election, only the megalomaniacs in the Action Party were contacting their subservients to support their candidates. The Action Party people were out in full force both before and on the day of the election. You would think they were in danger of a big loss, when in fact two of their seats were assured. They really wanted to knock off Mark Albers as the only candidate that would keep an eye on their shenanegans. In spite of this, half the ballots cast indicated him as one of the choices. It was not meant to be despite heroic efforts by Albers to overcome the Morton Grove ‘New Caucus/Action’ Party.

    This comment was edited by Morton Grove News to delete a troublesome and possibly libelous statement. Please be careful what you say in public comments.
    Thank you


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