Beating a dead horse


A recent news flash was sent out by the Village of Morton Grove last week informing those who need to know that; “Morton Grove Fire Chief Tom Friel in now the acting Village administer.”

The question is…WHY?

We can only assume that after  a tight midterm election, Village President Dan DiMaria is reacting to the sounds of  discontentment with his administration and lack of progress in addressing the real needs of the residents.

Mr. DiMaria came into office with Big Ideas & Promises. Now, two years later there is little or nothing to show and it appears that DiMaria might need a scape goat for his increases in spending and the increases of staff at village hall.

What happened to “Moving Our Village Forward”?

If you tally, point by point,  what has happened in Morton Grove since the DiMaria/Grear takeover of the Action Party you are hard pressed to find anything to be proud of.

*The Village bond rating went down;

*There was a complete dismantling of Family and Senior services;

scamming seniors
*The Emergency Management Agency has been effectively dismantled with only a couple of volunteers remaining;

* In Village Hall there are filling cabinets filled with consulting fees and plans that are going nowhere;

* There is an over 100% increase in staff in the building and economic development department with little or no increase in new development.

Move along

Changing the horse that  pulls the load you want carried is good, if the horse can’t pull, but Is changing the horse the answer in this case?

Don’t forget Mr. DiMaria was involved in selecting the last horse from the paddock.

Let’s look at the load this same replaced horse pulled with the previous driver of the wagon:

1. Completed 40 miles of repaving local streets

2. Brought McGrath Audi to Morton Grove (without an Economic Development Department)

3. Completed over 20 major badly overdue infrastructure improvements

4. Increased Village Bond rating

5. Reduced cost of Civic Center operation from $600,000 to under $200,000

Why is it that with Mr. DiMaria at the reins of the wagon, suddenly the horse can’t pull the load anymore.

Why is a reasonable question to ask.

Maybe the load currently being piled on the wagon is so heavy that no horse can pull it.


So Mr. DiMaria’s answer is to hook up a new horse that is already carrying  a big load with the weight of the Fire Department and the Civic Center. That sounds like the most likely outcome will be to destroy a useful and productive horse that has served the folks of Morton Grove well and faithfully for many years.

Is it possible that the problem is not the horse pulling the wagon but the Jackass holding the reins?


Perhaps if Mr. DiMaria is looking for the reason for the failures over the past two years, he needs to look in the mirror.


2 thoughts on “Beating a dead horse

  1. Thanks for setting this website up. I think the residents need to pull together, and get more involved.

    My biggest question for Morton Grove is why is it that we are not capable of attracting business into this Village while the surrounding communities seem to be doing just fine. It seems that were in a decline, when we should well on our way to having new development and new businesses. Is the main problem that private companies own the land (i.e., a Canadian family owns Prairie View plaza), whereas other Villages lease the land to retailers? What is the exact problem, and how to we fix it? Because ultimately, that’s the elephant in the room – it affects real-estate values, it affects the amount of funds the Village gets, and how much it requires from the residents to make-up for their spending. The lack of communication from the Village on this major topic doesn’t help either. So it leads to speculation…unless someone knows something I don’t.


    1. Mark- You are quite welcome. I hope this site does some bit in waking up our Morton Grove neighbors.
      While it is true that Skokie, Niles and Glenview have far surpassed us in new businesses and developments, I don’t believe the basis of the problem is private ownership of the land, but rather a village administration that either hasn’t got a clue about how to do anything but spend money foolishly, or is too busy handing out white collar patronage to their cronies.

      Hard choices have been kicked down the road, major repairs and infrastructure improvements have been deferred or cancelled and the political atmosphere is less than business friendly, (unless you own a bar or want to put in video gambling). Sales tax is not generated by day-care centers or medical offices, but it seems as though those businesses can be counted on to make political donations to the incumbent party… and as we all know, a politicians’ first priority is to get re-elected.

      Keep reading and pass the word to those who might not be aware of Morton Grove News… and we will keep speaking truth to power.


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