The Firebug

Nero fiddles

Like Nero of Ancient Rome, Danny DiMaria is fiddling while Morton Grove is burning. He talks of big plans, plasters his name and face all over while Morton Grove disintegrates. You have to wonder if he is trying to distract us or himself.

We have a Village President who is mismatched, (or more realistically over-matched),regarding the problems facing the village and the taxpayers. It seems, like a little child fascinated by playing with matches,  little Danny can’t help but set fires to see the pretty flames… and his answer seems to be to call on the fire chief to put them out. littlest aronist

Burn down the successful senior program and then put the fire chief in charge to sift through the ashes after trying to extinguish the conflagration.


Set a torch to the successful cost cutting at the Civic Center, once again, call on the trusty fire chief to stop the flames. playing-with-fire

The latest blaze set by pyro-Danny is to can the current Village Administrator who was unable to figure out how to deal with Danny D’s ongoing wienie-roast that had eaten up the financial surplus; increased the cost of government;  added unnecessary employees to the village payroll and further worsened the pension crisis Morton Grove faces. Burn it down


Little Pyro-Danny’s answer, once again, is to call in the fire chief to put out still more fires that have been set by the incompetence of the village president.

fighting fire

The fire chief, on the other hand, knows that the best way to fight fires is to prevent them from starting in the first place, rather than scramble from crisis to crisis trying to put out one bonfire after another. The fire chief knows that the solution to this municipal arson would be to take away Danny DiMaria’s box of matches and make sure he can’t get his hands on a lighter. fire prevention The fire chief knows this, but he also knows that he does not have the ability to do this since Danny “D” will have the political power to continue to set these fires for at least two more years that he’s in power.

It must be frustrating for the fire chief to know what needs to be done and to be powerless to do it.

Stress And Frustration


One thought on “The Firebug

  1. Di Maria and company have been keeping a low profile, thinking people are not paying attention to village problems. I had a letter in both neighborhood papers last week calling for more diversity in village government. So far, no volunteers. Nothing will be accomplished until we get some new voices in the village government.


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