Morton Grove’s Very Own Tony Soprano

A tale of two Italians who called themselves “ Businessmen”.

Al Capone had Cicero. Capone took over Cicero Capone1 coercing residents to vote his way with sub-machine guns.

Chicago typewriter

The effects of Al Capone turning a small residential suburb into a gambling Mecca still haunts Cicero to this day

DiMaria Has Morton Grove.

DiMaria took over Morton Grove by promising  voters lower taxes and bring in new businesses.

It has taken only, two and half years for DiMaria to increase the number of liquor licenses and increase the number of slot machines throughout the village.

slot machine

Let’s not forget the new look Morton Grove has on Dempster Street. Flashing neon signs are back in vogue, Oct 2015 003   Oct 2015 001Oct 2015 004

bringing in that “Las Vegas feel” to a community that was voted  as “Top Ten Place to Raise a Family’ in 2006 and “Top Ten Place to raise Children”  in 2010.

Does anyone want to take bet$  on if Morton Grove would receive that distinction now!

How all of this happened and so quickly? All you have to do is look at the donations that have flown into Mr. Di Maria’s and Mr. Gear’s slush fund.

A pile of cash

It is all on record, at least the portion that is reported. Check the Illinois State board of Election web site Committee ID Number 18561 and you can see who gets taken care in Morton Grove now.

It reads like the old Chrysler commercial in the 1970’s: “Buy A Car, Get A Check”.

It seems as though in Morton Grove it’s more like: “Write a Check, Get a Variance”   “Write A Check, Get A Liquor License”  “Write A Check, Get A Slot Machine”  “Write A Check, Get Village Business”

Both Capone and DiMaria had a dream… to create a place where the liquor flowed and the cash rolled.

The implementation of Capone’s dream led to political corruption, liquor crime, gambling crime, prostitution and the ruination of the quality of life for the citizens of Cicero.

Winsor MaCay 1920's cartoon depicts a cityscape of Bootleg Whisky Crime Dope and Get Rich Quick money lust.

Neither DiMaria nor Grear are Capone… more like the clueless Fredo in The Godfather.

Necertheless, there is no good reason to believe that history will not repeat itself in Morton Grove?