The Game Is Rigged


Hurry, hurry, hurry! I got it here and I’m gonna show it to ya free. So starts the “come on” speech of the old time carnival barker hoping to get the “rubes” onto the midway where the operators can separate the “marks” from their money.

When dishonest carnival game operators found someone who they could enticetinyest-show-on-earth00001 to keep playing their gaffed” game, they would then “mark” the individual by patting their back with a hand that had chalk on it. Other game operators would then look for these chalk marks and entice the individuals to also play their rigged game.

It seems as though the Action Party has “gaffed” not only the way the village is governed, but the way that candidates are chosen to run for office.

Breaking from long standing tradition, and taking a political lesson from Illinois power house Mike Madigan, (and other political bosses), The Action Party did not advertise or seek candidates to run for office in the spring election. This is a strange break from long-standing tradition. Nor did the Action Party screen any perspective candidates from their own party.

human-corndogIt was all prearranged by Dan DiMaria, Billy Grear andsnake-girl-00001 Terry Liston so they would not have any challenge to their complete control.

The Action Party has amassed what is considered a huge campaign fund by local political organizations standards. The methods and means they have used over the past four years are questionable at best and possibly illegal at worst. (We will be running a story on that in an upcoming edition).

Morton Grove now is a total political dictatorship.

You, the residents who live in and pay taxes to Morton Grove have had NO input who to vote for next April. It has all been locked up, rigged, gaffed… a done deal.

The Action Party, the sole Local Political Party has complete control of every elected office in Village government. They have once again thrown transparency and ethics away… but ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances. You might win a stuffed plaid cat.




One thought on “The Game Is Rigged

  1. Ask an Action Party official what they think of the one party system, they are all for it. They suggest that there are differences of opinion on ordinances, but these are all straigtened out BEFORE the village board meetings, to show unity. We, the residents, never get to hear what possible objections arise. The trustees always vote in favor with no negative votes and no discussion. These board meetings are nothing but a mechanical farce. The Action Party does not want to see a single opposition trustee to force them into discussing pros and cons of legislation. The mayor was careful to get an article in the Champion alongside my appeal for more candidates to tell us they will not raise property taxes. He is waging a propaganda war to convince us all is well and we should trust mother Action to watch out for us. He is using village money to send out ‘comfy’ holiday greetings from himself and the trustees, nothing more than disguised electioneering, at our expense. The mayor brags about efficient government in sharing jobs by multitasking village employees, regardless of their abilities to handle them. No wnoder, things are such a mess in MG. He doesn’t talk about hidden debts like the millions we owe on the failed Waukegan TIF and all the other bond issues we are in hock for. Let the future residents pay for them.
    These Action guys are really entrenched in village government and we may never be able to dig them out.


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