Morton Grove Melodrama – Part 1

And now, dear readers, another episode in the melodrama of Dubious Dan  DiMaria.

There are many unsolved mysteries in life even though science, technology, and research have come a very long way. Although we may demand a logical explanation for these mysterious things, as of now we will have to settle for mere speculation.

One mystery that residents may never get a straight answer to is; Why did the Village  kill Pequod’s relocation to near the train station?

Morton Grove News has a theory that might shed some light on unraveling this great mystery by assembling the facts & making an educated guess on what happened.
Pequods, a long established and successful restaurant, along with TIF assistance from Morton Grove, was all set to start building a new restaurant across from the Train Station.

Then the village attorney ordered a Phase One EPA study done on the old Pequod’s property because the plan was to acquire it when the new restaurant was finished.

Having an EPA study done on any property that a municipality purchases is smart. It saves the tax payers from the liability of paying for a clean-up that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

The study showed traces of dry cleaning fluid on the Pequod’s property, which is strange because there was never a dry cleaner within blocks of that location. 000000villian001

Questions have been raised as to how dry cleaning fluid landed on the property when there was no record of any business that would use such chemicals anywhere near this parcel. This becomes a mystery worthy of the talents of the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.
Well, guess what Sherlock? The Village immediately canceled the agreement with Pequod’s on the grounds that they did not want to be liable for cleaning up the property. As logical as that sounds, the village did not do it’s due diligence in making that final decision.

TIF’s are created to improve blighted property and increase the tax base of the community. TIF funds are and have be used to clean up environmental concerns. Morton Grove never inquired about the cost to clean up the property or attempted to renegotiate the TIF agreement if Pequod’s had the property cleaned up.

Redevelopment near the train station just stopped!  

Why? Like Sherlock Holmes, Morton Grove News has a theory.

Shortly after taking complete control of the Morton Grove Action Party, Dan DiMaria, Bill Grear & Terry Liston started taking in political donations from several sources.

One of those political donors was Chaser’s, a village of Niles Bar. Dan DiMaria being a Niles Guy could have known the owners.

See one of many public records of political contributions at…re/ItemizedContrib.aspx

Why would a Bar in Niles be so generous to Morton Grove politicians?  Well, word has it that 000000villian002Chasers started negotiating with Morton Grove for TIF assistance in building a new bar in Morton Grove across from the train station!  

Out with the well established Morton Grove Restaurant and in with the Niles Bar, (incidentally creating direct competition with another well-established Morton Grove business, The Bringer Inn).

As of this date no final agreement has been publicized between the Village and Chaser’s.


Is the village waiting until after the upcoming election to spring this announcement on the unsuspecting residents?

Until shown otherwise, our theory is that the Village killed the Pequod’s deal as a reward for a big political donor.

And so, dear reader, tune in next week when we will explore if our villain, Dubious000000goofy-sidekick-002 Dan DiMaria has made any more unfulfilled promises… if Dubious Dan’s sidekick Babbling Billy, still moves his lips while he pretends to read… and if their trusty counselor,  Ophelia Ordinance finally realized that she only packed half a sandwich.











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