Our aim is to develop a locally-based Internet Site which will:

Encourage and support local talent and initiatives – and the development of an online community.

Reflect and respond to the diverse interests and needs of local people – individuals and enterprises.

Provide an essential guide to the area for visitors, potential visitors and newcomers, or those just wanting more info.

Promote Morton Grove, Illinois to the world, to stimulate interest and opportunities and new possibilities that benefit all.

Our immediate objectives are:

To create a functional and informative guide to the area, with both the local community and visitors in mind.

To create a user-friendly KEY SITE for the area, with links to other relevant and useful local sites/resources.

To provide a free and independent platform to represent the genuine interests of local people.

To provide free space for the posting of notices and ‘classified ads’ of interest to others who might use the site.

To create comprehensive listings of forthcoming events, venues, entertainment and attractions, local groups and organisations, institutions, businesses and services in the area.

To provide a virtual gallery to showcase the work – and celebrate the creativity – of local people.

There is always more that can be done. We will continue to work toward these aims and objectives to bring you the definitive guide and online resource for the Village of Morton Grove and its’ residents.

Thank you for your interest


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Latest news from the Moretti’s move to MG. Village is bragging about the 120K it will receive yearly from sales and property taxes when this restaurant arrives. However, the village is giving back 75K per year from the purchase price of the land, so that leaves only a profit of 45K. Surely, this prominent location on Dempster should be bringing in more than that. Now, the village is paying out 45K to put in questionable sewers in the vicinity of the proposed restaurant, but this is probably a cover up to clean up the ‘special waste’ found there. Does naming it ‘special waste’ make it any less acceptable than hazardous waste?
    Why is the village paying to clean up Moretti’s land?
    The latest agreement on the Moretti’s purchase has withdrawn the Video Gambling and adjacent outlots. This was probably due to public disgust with the increase of gambling. Moretti’s wants to leave the door open to add it later, when possibly public opinion dies down and they can sneak it back in. If Di Maria is still mayor at that time, one can be sure he will do his best to help them do that.
    Speaking of this sewer project, the village claim it was the low bid of 5 companies replying to the open bidding. The company awarded the job, Des Plaines based Mauro sewer Construction Company bid
    $429,838. This company has only 4 employees and a history of political contributions. One has to wonder if the other bids were close and if the lowest bid was the only criteria for the award.
    I hope people are reading the Morton Grove and Niles Bugle, a free newspaper that reports my letters to the editor when the Morton Grove Champion wimps out.
    Sherwin Dubren
    Morton Grove, IL


  2. If only this web site could be distributed to more residents of MG. Perhaps, some of this material could be put into a format suitable for an ‘Opinion’ column in either the Champion or the Bugle?


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