Selling the soul of the village

Very few people willingly sell their soul to the devil outright. In the Charlie Daniels’ song the price was a fiddle made of gold. You have to wonder what your mayor thinks is golden.
The Devil is in the details of the Moretti’s agreement with the Village. Starting with who the Village purchased the property from all the way to the switcheroo deal the Village has given Moretti’s Restaurant where Morton Grove taxpayers to build and pay for it.
The Village purchased the property from a political donor to Dan DiMaria and the Action Party for $500,000 more than the donor paid less than a year earlier without doing its due diligence… only to find out later that the property is contaminated.
Then the Village (Action Party) Board makes a deal for the Village (taxpayers)to finance a Moretti’s Italian Restaurant and Gambling Café with a fifteen year mortgage (Zero interest loan) to the Village (Taxpayers) (Moretti’s is a political donor to the Action Party).
Moretti’s will pay off the fifteen year mortgage by simply being in business for fifteen years. After fifteen years in business without paying a dime of principle or interest Moretti’s get the property for free!
It gets better, (or worse, if you are a taxpayer).
When Moretti’s found out that the property was contaminated and would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up,they renegotiated the whole deal.
The Action Party Board of Trustees & Mayor upped the taxpayer’s money to Moretti’s to pay for the contamination problem taking care of for their political donor. Then they overlooked their other political donor buddy who sold them the property.
Morton Grovers are now stuck with an additional $300, 000 for clean up and with the other sweeteners for their contributors, the total may cost the taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars more in the end.
Does anyone see a problem here? Does anyone see collusion here? Does anyone wonder what Mayor DiMaria, Trustee Grear and Village Attorney Liston are thinking here?
Mayor DiMaria killed the Pequoids deal to move across from the train station because of contamination of the original Pequoids property. In that deal the Village offered nothing for clean up,
Is that because, Mayor DiMaria was working a deal to bring another of his political donors, Chaser’s from Niles, Ill  across from the train station?
Does anyone see a pattern here with the Village buying contaminated property without checking? …Or checking only when they want? …Or maybe indulging in a little “Pay for Play” because, like Rod Blagojavich, they had something bleeping golden that they weren’t gonna give away for free.
Do your own research. Look at the village board meeting minutes of December 7, 2015 and October 10, 2016 for exact agreements.





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