Morton Grove Melodrama – Part 1

And now, dear readers, another episode in the melodrama of Dubious Dan  DiMaria.

There are many unsolved mysteries in life even though science, technology, and research have come a very long way. Although we may demand a logical explanation for these mysterious things, as of now we will have to settle for mere speculation.

One mystery that residents may never get a straight answer to is; Why did the Village  kill Pequod’s relocation to near the train station?

Morton Grove News has a theory that might shed some light on unraveling this great mystery by assembling the facts & making an educated guess on what happened.
Pequods, a long established and successful restaurant, along with TIF assistance from Morton Grove, was all set to start building a new restaurant across from the Train Station.

Then the village attorney ordered a Phase One EPA study done on the old Pequod’s property because the plan was to acquire it when the new restaurant was finished.

Having an EPA study done on any property that a municipality purchases is smart. It saves the tax payers from the liability of paying for a clean-up that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

The study showed traces of dry cleaning fluid on the Pequod’s property, which is strange because there was never a dry cleaner within blocks of that location. 000000villian001

Questions have been raised as to how dry cleaning fluid landed on the property when there was no record of any business that would use such chemicals anywhere near this parcel. This becomes a mystery worthy of the talents of the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.
Well, guess what Sherlock? The Village immediately canceled the agreement with Pequod’s on the grounds that they did not want to be liable for cleaning up the property. As logical as that sounds, the village did not do it’s due diligence in making that final decision.

TIF’s are created to improve blighted property and increase the tax base of the community. TIF funds are and have be used to clean up environmental concerns. Morton Grove never inquired about the cost to clean up the property or attempted to renegotiate the TIF agreement if Pequod’s had the property cleaned up.

Redevelopment near the train station just stopped!  

Why? Like Sherlock Holmes, Morton Grove News has a theory.

Shortly after taking complete control of the Morton Grove Action Party, Dan DiMaria, Bill Grear & Terry Liston started taking in political donations from several sources.

One of those political donors was Chaser’s, a village of Niles Bar. Dan DiMaria being a Niles Guy could have known the owners.

See one of many public records of political contributions at…re/ItemizedContrib.aspx

Why would a Bar in Niles be so generous to Morton Grove politicians?  Well, word has it that 000000villian002Chasers started negotiating with Morton Grove for TIF assistance in building a new bar in Morton Grove across from the train station!  

Out with the well established Morton Grove Restaurant and in with the Niles Bar, (incidentally creating direct competition with another well-established Morton Grove business, The Bringer Inn).

As of this date no final agreement has been publicized between the Village and Chaser’s.


Is the village waiting until after the upcoming election to spring this announcement on the unsuspecting residents?

Until shown otherwise, our theory is that the Village killed the Pequod’s deal as a reward for a big political donor.

And so, dear reader, tune in next week when we will explore if our villain, Dubious000000goofy-sidekick-002 Dan DiMaria has made any more unfulfilled promises… if Dubious Dan’s sidekick Babbling Billy, still moves his lips while he pretends to read… and if their trusty counselor,  Ophelia Ordinance finally realized that she only packed half a sandwich.











The Game Is Rigged


Hurry, hurry, hurry! I got it here and I’m gonna show it to ya free. So starts the “come on” speech of the old time carnival barker hoping to get the “rubes” onto the midway where the operators can separate the “marks” from their money.

When dishonest carnival game operators found someone who they could enticetinyest-show-on-earth00001 to keep playing their gaffed” game, they would then “mark” the individual by patting their back with a hand that had chalk on it. Other game operators would then look for these chalk marks and entice the individuals to also play their rigged game.

It seems as though the Action Party has “gaffed” not only the way the village is governed, but the way that candidates are chosen to run for office.

Breaking from long standing tradition, and taking a political lesson from Illinois power house Mike Madigan, (and other political bosses), The Action Party did not advertise or seek candidates to run for office in the spring election. This is a strange break from long-standing tradition. Nor did the Action Party screen any perspective candidates from their own party.

human-corndogIt was all prearranged by Dan DiMaria, Billy Grear andsnake-girl-00001 Terry Liston so they would not have any challenge to their complete control.

The Action Party has amassed what is considered a huge campaign fund by local political organizations standards. The methods and means they have used over the past four years are questionable at best and possibly illegal at worst. (We will be running a story on that in an upcoming edition).

Morton Grove now is a total political dictatorship.

You, the residents who live in and pay taxes to Morton Grove have had NO input who to vote for next April. It has all been locked up, rigged, gaffed… a done deal.

The Action Party, the sole Local Political Party has complete control of every elected office in Village government. They have once again thrown transparency and ethics away… but ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances. You might win a stuffed plaid cat.



Selling the Soul of the Village

Very few people willingly sell their soul to the devil outright. In the Charlie Daniels’ song the price was a fiddle made of gold. You have to wonder what your mayor thinks is golden.
The Devil is in the details of the Moretti’s agreement with the Village. Starting with who the Village purchased the property from all the way to the switcheroo deal the Village has given Moretti’s Restaurant where Morton Grove taxpayers to build and pay for it.
The Village purchased the property from a political donor to Dan DiMaria and the Action Party for $500,000 more than the donor paid less than a year earlier without doing its due diligence… only to find out later that the property is contaminated.
Then the Village (Action Party) Board makes a deal for the Village (taxpayers)to finance a Moretti’s Italian Restaurant and Gambling Café with a fifteen year mortgage (Zero interest loan) to the Village (Taxpayers) (Moretti’s is a political donor to the Action Party).
Moretti’s will pay off the fifteen year mortgage by simply being in business for fifteen years. After fifteen years in business without paying a dime of principle or interest Moretti’s get the property for free!
It gets better, (or worse, if you are a taxpayer).
When Moretti’s found out that the property was contaminated and would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up,they renegotiated the whole deal.
The Action Party Board of Trustees & Mayor upped the taxpayer’s money to Moretti’s to pay for the contamination problem taking care of for their political donor. Then they overlooked their other political donor buddy who sold them the property.
Morton Grovers are now stuck with an additional $300, 000 for clean up and with the other sweeteners for their contributors, the total may cost the taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars more in the end.
Does anyone see a problem here? Does anyone see collusion here? Does anyone wonder what Mayor DiMaria, Trustee Grear and Village Attorney Liston are thinking here?
Mayor DiMaria killed the Pequoids deal to move across from the train station because of contamination of the original Pequoids property. In that deal the Village offered nothing for clean up,
Is that because, Mayor DiMaria was working a deal to bring another of his political donors, Chaser’s from Niles, Ill  across from the train station?
Does anyone see a pattern here with the Village buying contaminated property without checking? …Or checking only when they want? …Or maybe indulging in a little “Pay for Play” because, like Rod Blagojavich, they had something bleeping golden that they weren’t gonna give away for free.
Do your own research. Look at the village board meeting minutes of December 7, 2015 and October 10, 2016 for exact agreements.

Same old, same old…

On January 12, 2016 Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded the Village of Morton Grove’s general obligation (GO) rating to A1 from Aa3 affecting $12.9 million of Moody’s rated GO debt. The downgrade to A1 reflects a declining trend in operating fund cash and the village’s elevated pension liabilities that are expected to continue to grow given current contribution practices. Also reflected in the A1 rating is the village’s solid economic profile characterized by above average resident income and a high full value per capita, a satisfactory reserve position, and a manageable direct debt burden.

After Moody’s Investor Service downgraded the Village of Morton Grove’s bond rating from Aa2 to Aa3 on Feb. 6,2015, the village board called in an expert to analyze the move.

Elizabeth Hennessy, managing director of William Blair & Co., an asset management firm, told board members at their Feb. 9 2015 meeting the downgrade was not something to worry about. “You’re still in the double A category, which is the most important thing,” she said, adding that the impact of the downgrade is “not a lot.”

Trustee Bill Grear said his understanding was that the bond downgrade came about because of three factors: a lack of revenue in the Waukegan Road TIF (tax increment financing) district, lower cash flow due to the state being three to four months behind in payments and because Morton Grove’s pension funds are only 52 percent funded.

So, from 2009 the village bond rating fell from Aa2 to A1, meaning that Morton Grove bonds went from a rating of “High quality and very low credit risk” to “Upper medium grade and low credit risk” What this means in plain English is that the village will have to pay a higher premium on their debt obligations due to the downgrade.

There seems to be a pattern here that started with the election of the current administration and the “revolving door” of village department heads.

junk bonds

Speaking of revolving department heads, here is a little tidbit that will make your head spin.

The local paper reported a while back that the Fire Chief, Tom Freil was the acting Finance Director.

I read something last year that the Fire Chief was in charge of the Civic Center including Senior programming and Fire Chief, Tom Freil was also acting Village Administrator  before the Village hired back the old fire chief to be village administrator…again!

How can the Fire Chief wear so many hats in one town? many hats

Who was running the Fire Department while the Tom Freil was running everything else??

firehouse play center

I looked up on the village web site where it list all of the wages paid to everyone who works for the Village of Morton Grove.  Fire Chief Tom Freil  base salary is  $144,212 per year plus pension, plus hospitalization.

The burning question is; “Does the Village of Morton Grove really need a Fire Chief if the one we already have has time to run the Finance Department, The Civic Center /Senior Programming, and fill in as The Village Administrator?”

The Fire Department seemed to perform well without Tom Freil giving his full attention to it.
With the hiring of Ralph Czerwinzky the old Village of Morton Grove Fire Chief as Village Administrator and the filling of jobs of Finance Director and the fact that the Fire Department worked just fine without Fire Chief Tom Freil, does the Village need the expense? Why not save the $144,212  per year plus pension, plus hospitalization and stop the revolving door of village departments heads leaving.  money down the toilet

Then we have this; according to the December 20, 2015 Morton Grove Champion, The Morton Grove Village Board has voted unanimously to help bring a 10,000 square foot Moretti’s Restaurant to the village in the hope the move will be an economic and social boost for the community, officials said.

“I think it’s a real catalyst for other things in this transit oriented development we have in the midsection of the village right near the tracks,” Morton Grove village administrator Ralph Czerwinski said Friday.

During its Dec. 14 regular meeting the Morton Grove Village Board voted unanimously to approve an ordinance authorizing a redevelopment agreement for a new Moretti’s Restaurant at 6415 Dempster Street. The proposed 10,000 square foot Morton Grove Moretti’s will be located on the village-owned vacant property on Dempster Street, east of the Metra tracks, and will accommodate approximately 350 patrons in three separate dining areas, bar and outdoor patio area, officials said.

Under the terms of the redevelopment agreement, the village will finance the restaurant owner’s $1.66 million purchase of the land, Czerwinski explained. He said the loan owed to the village will be reduced based on new property and sales taxes generated by the business. “It’s buy as you go type agreement,” he added.

Business wealth
Business wealth

So a multi-million dollar restaurant operation gets a sweetheart deal where they get land owned by the village for no money down and they pay the “loan” back using tax money generated by sales at the establishment. Why was this “deal” rushed through by the administration and the “rubber stamp” village board? approved-rubber-stamp

Why wasn’t the due diligence of a traffic safety study done? Where was the hearing by the zoning board. Why wasn’t the appearance commission allowed to have input on his project?

Usually, when a deal like this sails through so quickly, it means that the rails have been liberally greased… that’s the “Chicago way”. But wait a minute, this happened in good old Morton Grove.

Something stinks here, and it’s not a skunk from the nearby forest preserve.  skunk

Morton Grove’s Very Own Tony Soprano

A tale of two Italians who called themselves “ Businessmen”.

Al Capone had Cicero. Capone took over Cicero Capone1 coercing residents to vote his way with sub-machine guns.

Chicago typewriter

The effects of Al Capone turning a small residential suburb into a gambling Mecca still haunts Cicero to this day

DiMaria Has Morton Grove.

DiMaria took over Morton Grove by promising  voters lower taxes and bring in new businesses.

It has taken only, two and half years for DiMaria to increase the number of liquor licenses and increase the number of slot machines throughout the village.

slot machine

Let’s not forget the new look Morton Grove has on Dempster Street. Flashing neon signs are back in vogue, Oct 2015 003   Oct 2015 001Oct 2015 004

bringing in that “Las Vegas feel” to a community that was voted  as “Top Ten Place to Raise a Family’ in 2006 and “Top Ten Place to raise Children”  in 2010.

Does anyone want to take bet$  on if Morton Grove would receive that distinction now!

How all of this happened and so quickly? All you have to do is look at the donations that have flown into Mr. Di Maria’s and Mr. Gear’s slush fund.

A pile of cash

It is all on record, at least the portion that is reported. Check the Illinois State board of Election web site Committee ID Number 18561 and you can see who gets taken care in Morton Grove now.

It reads like the old Chrysler commercial in the 1970’s: “Buy A Car, Get A Check”.

It seems as though in Morton Grove it’s more like: “Write a Check, Get a Variance”   “Write A Check, Get A Liquor License”  “Write A Check, Get A Slot Machine”  “Write A Check, Get Village Business”

Both Capone and DiMaria had a dream… to create a place where the liquor flowed and the cash rolled.

The implementation of Capone’s dream led to political corruption, liquor crime, gambling crime, prostitution and the ruination of the quality of life for the citizens of Cicero.

Winsor MaCay 1920's cartoon depicts a cityscape of Bootleg Whisky Crime Dope and Get Rich Quick money lust.

Neither DiMaria nor Grear are Capone… more like the clueless Fredo in The Godfather.

Necertheless, there is no good reason to believe that history will not repeat itself in Morton Grove?

It’s Good To Be The King

RARELY have elected officials been held in lower esteem by the voting public than they are now.
There is a growing public perception that our village officials are single-minded seekers of reelection whose desire for job security far exceeds their desire or ability to fulfill the public duties with which they are entrusted.

 photo logo.jpg

Elections are supposed to allow voters to “throw the rascals out”.  So, you would expect corruption to have a strong effect on the electoral performance of the politicians involved in them. However, recent studies show that electoral retribution to dishonest behavior in office is rather mild and that it does not always prevent slippery individuals from being reelected.

Unfortunately, a pattern of old Chicago-stlye politics have emerged in Morton Grove that would make the late Boss Richard J. Daley proud. ap100908063611

For example, after the last village election for mayor a victory party was held at, (the now defunct) Giordanos. tab for this party was paid out of village coffers. Is it possible that this was one small way that the party repaid the owner of that establishment for his political and financial support? Small potatoes compared to the real estate deal brokered by the political insiders that netted the same restaurant owner a tidy six-figure profit on a real estate deal for the old Maxwell’s property. 

But, it’s just politics…right?

When your party is in control of the public purse strings, it makes political campaigning and political events disguised as governmental communications easier to pay for.<—-MORTON GROVE TAXPAYER

I wonder just how much it cost to produce and mail that nice four-color postcard announcing a “Town Hall Forum” at the condo association?  

MG-Postcard-Mtg face


(By the way, Mr. DiMaria, the word “Village” is spelled with two L’s!)

I’m sure it is just a coincidence that this was scheduled within two weeks of the upcoming election… just as it is surely a coincidence that it is being held with a group that represents a large voting block. No shenanigans here… nothing to see… move along.

Most likely, one of the topics of this “town hall meeting” will be to elaborate on the new mid-rise condo deal in the Waukegan TIF district that was announced this week. Does it make sense to build luxury condos across from the nearly defunct Prairieview shopping Center, (you remember, the place that the Mayor was touting for a new grocery store to replace the Dominicks’ that fled)?

You have to wonder who is making money off this deal? Since when is there an overwhelming market for upscale condo apartments adjacent to the third busiest intersection in Cook County.It would almost be worth going to this meeting to see how many time various politicians tell us this will revitalize business in this area.

 photo steppin_in_it.jpg

The smell of fertilizer is strong here.

This administration has thrown money around as if it grew on the trees in St. Paul Woods. That’s unfortunate, because it’s your money… it comes out of your taxes… the taxes that seem to keep rising.

Maybe it’s time for the voters of Morton Grove to stop listening to the flim-flam man and take a look at the little man behind the curtain.

 DiMaria behind the curtain He ain’t the Great and Powerful OZ.

The Little Man Who Wasn’t There

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today,
I wish, I wish he’d go away…
When I came home last night at three,
The man was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall,
I couldn’t see him there at all!
Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door…

With little more than four weeks to go not a whole lot is being heard about the upcoming April 7th Election

Is the New Action Party feeling so secure that they have a lock on those who will go out and vote in local elections and are tired after the battle with Shel Marcus & Maria Toth February 24 th that they don’t believe they need to campaign?

They now seem to be in damage control mode  trying to reinvent themselves  once again. They are painting themselves a being everything to everybody and, as usual, will end up being nothing to anybody but the politically connected. hypocrisy Meanwhile we remain up to our navel in political signs.

There are some independents running in the various races, but who are they?

In the village election there is one truly independent candidate. Mark Albers is a one man show.  IMG_0717

Photo Above Horse Running in Snow
His campaign is like riding a white horse through a snow storm… nobody knows he is out there.


  Staackmann and Craig CulverDan Staackmann, (on the right), is back running for the Park Board.
The Park Board seems to have made nothing but bad decisions over the past 6 years. The main personnel policy seems to be a revolving door… a bad parody of the old Abbott & Costello “Who’s on First” routine. The main focus of their long range financial plan seems to be that there is no long range financial plan. boris-natasha

Even if Staackmann and ex park employee Mark Mano do get elected,  the Park District is so screwed up  that it is unlikely that it can be fixed without a major real-estate tax increase… more money out of the long-suffering taxpayers pockets.   screwupfairy

At the Library only one candidate  is running for one open seat along with school district 67 & 70 both have open seats with no candidates running.

The most important race in this election is the 219 School Board. This one decides who will controls over 50  million  dollars of tax payers money and the Teacher Union is on top of this election like icing on a cake  all you see is frosting. There are some independents but who are they? Jon Heinz of Skokie is relying on his  old family ties and the fact he thinks like a businessman. This should give him a spot on the board but, the union wants no part of him.

On the surface, it seems as those challenging the status quo are Quixotic folks tilting at windmills. Quixote

Somehow, none of this is any surprise.

“Daddy, what is the difference between ignorance and apathy?”
“Well, son, I don’t know and I don’t care!”

“Apathy at its best” describes the Morton Grove Village and Local  Elections.
…and people wonder why Government cost so much and really does so little. In government, as in many facets of life, the results you get are the results you deserve.

Transparency dies in darkness

On December 15, 2014 Morton Grove News ran an editorial about the administration’s desire to contract with yet another consultant regarding the proposed new police station and a possible new village hall.

Yesterday, Morton Grove News received the following comment on that editorial:

  1. G. Resident says:
    January 14, 2015 at 8:08 am

I was sitting in the former Police Chief’s office discussing the new Police Station when “Mayor” DiMaria called and told him to stop all work with the consultants who were preparing an outline of requirements for the architectural quote. The new Police Station was pretty far down the pike with property being researched, vetted, consultant studies performed on the locations’ viability, land purchased, funding arrangements made with minions at the County and State level and even two other Police agencies (METRA and Cook County Forest Preserve District) had expressed interest in “renting” space inside the new facility for their officers to use.

No explanation was given at the time why to cease and desist. The former Police Chief did a lot of work on his own to make things happen because of the constant foot dragging of the Mayor, Corporation Counsel and Village Administrator.

The taxpayers need to know that if this call was not made when it was there would probably have been a ribbon cutting ceremony taking place next month at the new Police Station on Lehigh. Many of us believe that the decision to stop work on the new Police station was a contributing factor in the former Chief’s decision to retire.”

This new information motivates us to ask the following questions:

  1. If all of this work was already done, why would the administration hire yet another consultant to redo work that had already been done and paid for out of tax dollars?
  2. Does a Village President have the sole power to stop an ongoing project without the input of the village board and without an opportunity for public input?
  3. Since the village has already purchased this piece of property, why is there a buzz going around that the administration has a plan to locate the new “cop shop” and a new village hall at the rear of Prairie View Plaza?
  4. Is that desire part of the plan for the discussion when the Canadian owners of Prairie View come to Morton Grove on Thursday 1-15-2015?
  5. Why isn’t the village board doing what is necessary to curb the overreach of power by the village president?

It seems as though we have a situation where some of our politicians like to do things in the dark and out of sight of the residents. Cockroaches and rats like to operate in the dark and scatter when the light is shined on the situation…


Let us shine a bright light here for the good of Morton Grove… we’re likely to see the cockroaches & rats scatter.

2 rats

We are the Borg of Morton Grove



In a letter to the Morton Grove Champion 12-30-2014, Action Party secretary Terri Cousar said, in part; “The Action Party started over 40 years ago with the goal of listening to the residents and working together for the best interests of Morton Grove. National political affiliations don’t matter(1). We are, and have always been, “inclusive,” and by that I mean we have often sought out and encouraged people who ran against us in the past to join us.

Mayor DiMaria’s (2), election in 2013 spurred many new people to get involved in village government(3)…”

(1) “Two-term (1997-2005) incumbent Mayor Dan Scanlon is retiring… Scanlon’s predecessor was Dick Flickinger (1977-97), a Democrat and Sutker ally, whose Action Party was really an adjunct to the Caucus Party/Democratic Party.”

(2) Morton Grove does not have a Mayor, it has a Village President.

(3) Niles Bugle Thursday, December 23, 2004 Letter to the editor from (then) Trustee and Action Party President Dan DiMaria: “This letter is in response to the Morton Grove Caucus Party and their 11th hour attempt to confuse the residents of Morton Grove into thinking they could turn the 2005 budget from having a potential shortfall into a huge surplus. It became clear to me that Mr. Krier is more interested in his own political gain than the good of the people of Morton Grove… By the way, I ran for trustee because I was and still am tired of “typical” politicians

2005 Caucus Party candidates:

From the 2005 Caucus Party Brochure:

Brunner + Minx 2009Caucus 2005-Time for a change

It sounds like the Morton Grove Action Party has more in common with the old Chicago Democratic machine or the Borg from Star Trek than it does with a non-partisan group of small town folks looking out for the residents of the village.


The Borg were a pseudo-species of cybernetic beings, or cyborgs, from the Delta Quadrant. No single individual truly existed within the Borg Collective, as all Borg were linked into a hive mind. Their ultimate goal was the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species, technologies, and knowledge. As a result, the Borg were among the most powerful and feared entities in the galaxy, without really being a true species at all.

So, Ms. Cousar,

one party rule

Morton Grove, best place to raise a family?

In July of 2007 Family Circle Magazine named Morton Grove as one of the 10 Best Towns in the U.S. for families.

At the end of 2011, Business week named Morton Grove the 3rd. best place in the U.S. to raise kids:
“The No. 3 best place to raise your kids in the U.S. Morton Grove, a suburb about 15 miles from Chicago, is part of a park district that comprises 14 parks totaling more than 70 acres, two outdoor pools, a museum, four field houses, a 50,000-square-foot community center, and an outdoor ice rink, according to Morton Grove Park District. The village is home to several high-performing schools, including Hynes Elementary School, Park View Elementary School, Golf Middle School, and Melzer School, according to ”

If you look back in Morton Grove’s history, it was not always so…

♠ Roadhouses thrived during Prohibition (1920–1933) in rural areas near Chicago. Roadhouses varied from small, sleazy taverns to big, fancy nightclubs with name dance bands and floor shows. Many served food, but the big attraction was being able to drink illegal beer or liquor. “The Outfit” or syndicates distributed the illicit booze and controlled many roadhouses where recognized customers could get served.  The Dells and Lincoln Tavern in Morton Grove, were among the biggest and best known.

♠ On October 25, 1931, the unbelievable happened. Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion and sentenced to ten years in prison. That same day Matt Kolb was killed at his speakeasy gambling club, the Club Morton on the corner of Dempster and Ferris Road.

♠March 25, 1935 a tragic fire took six lives at Club Rendezvous in Morton Grove.

♠ February 17, 1947 William Vogel, (dubbed the slot machine king of the north side), surrenders to the court on an indictment of conspiracy to operate gambling equipment in Morton Grove.

And, if you think about it, the more things change, the more they stay the same…

All-InnAll Inn

Top row: “ALL INN on Dempster”

Bottom row:  “BIGGIES on Oakton” This is kitty-corner from Niles North H.S.

biggies 1biggies 2

Regulators hit “bad apples” in video gambling.

Video Poker Protections Questioned

More Suburbs Betting On Video Poker

Gaming Board Targets Video Poker Loopholes

And, after the “Tilted Kilt” project was withdrawn in Morton Grove, we now have Playboy Bunnies…

Bringer Playboy
Bringer Inn on Ferris

I wonder whether Business Week would consider Morton Grove as a good place to raise a family in 2015?